Guard Llama Facts

1.  A guard llama needs to be a minimum of 18 months old to work as a guard llama.

2.   You only need one guardian llama to keep watch over an entire flock of sheep or herd of alpacas, deer or goats.

3.  A male guard llama should be gelded.

4.  Buying an inexpensive llama from an auction or from an uncaring breeder can cost you plenty later down the road.  You get what you pay for.

5.  Not every llama is a good guard.  Be sure you have a contract to protect yourself, when purchasing a guard.

6.  A guard llama should be more aloof than the rest of the herd, but NEVER aggressuve towards humans.

7.  If you aren't interested in a fiber producing guardian, light wooled, low fiber maintenance guardians are available.