Males for Sale
Each every one of these llamas comes with a Sugar River guarantee, for soundness. We stand behind our llamas.  In addition, breeding males and females come with a fertility guarantee.  All our llamas are halter broke, and, in most cases, have been in the show ring or used in public relations, such as school visits or parades.  Free delivery is available, within reason.  We will  provide health records for each purchase, provide health care guidelines, and demonstrate toenail clipping and haltering to all new owners.  We will continue support by providing shearing and toe nail care, if requested - for our usual service fee.  Grooming and showing consultations are also available.   
SRLL Mandragoran                                                              Sold
Date of Birth:  October 11, 2011                                       ILR-UAP and ILR-SD Halter Champion
Sire:  Starr Alliance                                             Grand Champion Double Coat, 2012 Badgerland Sweepstakes
Dam: SRLL Mona                                               Reserve Champion, Heavy Wool Male, The Gathering, 2012
                                                              Grand Champion Traditional Male, 5 - 15 mo. 2012 LFA World Futurity  
                                                                              Reserve Champion 16 -24 Mo. 2013 LFA World Futurity
                                                                                                                                Best of Show 2013 Badgerland Sweepstakes
Mandragoran has "The Look" which typifies these blood lines:  Tall, stretchy, big boned male that has come to exemplify Mona's offspring.  Charcoal with white star on the face.  Salt and pepper socks.  This boy stands at the head of the line, just like his brothers.  As Mandragoran, AKA Drago, is growing, he looks better and better.  He is a nice big boy.  Awesome.  Impressive.  Show stopper.  Nice fiber.  What can I say, this boy is supreme, meeting all the characterisitcs of our breeding program.  Now standing at stud.

Nocturne  Blues                                                               For Sale         
Date of  Birth:  April 28, 2012                  Second Place 2013 Gathering Yearling Suri Males
Sire: Elwood Blues                            Reserve Champion Suri Male, 2014 March Llama Madness             
Dam:  Noticia
Tall, stretchy, active male.  Fleece is super fine suri, just like his sire.  This boy is going to be fun to show!  First time out, in a class of 12, Nocturne placed 3 and 4, under two judges.  Then, he won Grand Champion, as a juvi. Nocturne is already extremely interested in the girls.

SRLL Tyrell                                                                                              For Sale
Date of Birth:  September 15, 2012                                            ILR- SD & UAP Halter Champion
Sire:   Starr Alliance                                                      Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male, 2013 Gathering
Dam:  Tierza                                                      Grand Champion LFA World Futurity, Traditional Males 5 - 15 mo.
                                                                                        Best of Show, 2013 Lamapalooza, Faribault, MN   
A very nice, young male.  Single coat fleece, heavy bone, correct, straight back.  Carries and presents himself well.  Tyrell entered the show ring in late spring at the Heartland Llama Show, taking first place heavy wool juvenile male.  The second time out, Tyrell earned Best of Show at Lamapalooza.  Looks like he is going to follow in the foot steps of big sister, Taena.  Tyrell stands out like a diamond in his halter classes. And, he enjoys going to shows and showing!  You will be standing at the head of the line, with this young male.

SRLL Eoghan                        Second Place Juvi Suri Male, 2014 March Llama Madness
                                                                               (behind Best of Show Male)

Date of Birth:  May 13, 2013
Sire: Elwood Blues
Dam: Esoria

Very correct, upright, good neck angulation, smooth movement - aka NICE!  When viewed from the front, there are 3 legs coming at you.  The back and front match perfectly.  A dark gray, going on light brown, tuxedo, suri male.  Super presence.  He is going to be fun to show.  Well developed, super fine locks, all over.  Especially like how his locks are setting up on his barrel. A big boy for his age.

SRLL Tyrion                                                                              For Sale

Date of Birth:  September 29, 2013
Sire: Starr Alliance
Dam: Tierza

Another outstanding Starr Alliance X Tierza cross.  Following in the foot steps of older brother, Tyrell.  A very nice, young male.  Single coat fleece, heavy bone, correct, straight back.  Carries and presents himself well.  Tyrion could be your 2014 show stopping, show male.  Following in his full brother, Tyrelll's footsteps.  Tyrion was not too happy to be photographed - but, stay tuned, as Tyrion enters the show ring at Badgerland, this coming May.