Females for Sale
Each every one of these llamas comes with a Sugar River guarantee, for soundness. We stand behind our llamas.  In addition, breeding males and females come with a fertility guarantee.  All our llamas are halter broke, and, in most cases, have been in the show ring or used in public relations, such as school visits or parades.  Free delivery is available, within reason.  We will  provide health records for each purchase, provide health care guidelines, and demonstrate toenail clipping and haltering to all new owners.  We will continue support by providing shearing and toe nail care, if requested - for our usual service fee.  Grooming and showing consultations are also available.  
SRLL Faile                                                                            Sold
Date of Birth: May 16, 2011                     Grand Champion Medium Wool Female, The Gathering, 2012
Sire: Starr Alliance                                 Second place, class of 19, behind SRLL Murali, 2012 Lamapalooza.
Dam:  SRLL Fa`iz
Love this spirited appy female. She is so curious and so full of herself.  Wonderful markings and presence, not to mention straight and correct carriage and gait.  We predict Faile will be a wonderful show girl.  The body is full of curly locks, but she is not a suri.  Pretty, pretty fleece full of grays, blacks, browns, on a cream base.  Buy her, show her, then, bring her back to be bred to Elwood Blues in Spring, 2014.

Nyura                                                                                     For Sale             

Sire:   Starr Alliance                           Best of Show, Shorn Fleece, 2009 Varapai County Fair ILR-SD Llama Show , AZ                          

Dam:  SRLL Nymeria

A carbon copy of her sire at the same age, Nyura has wonderful black silky fleece on a correct frame.  Nyura, as a three year old, still has wonderfully soft, lustrous fleece. Nyura is a smaller female, throwing back to her grandparents, who were not large.  Nyura will be bred to Elwood Blues in Fall, 2015

Pheona                                                             For Sale                         
Date of Birth: June 29, 2009
Sire:   Starr Alliance  
Dam: Phileda
Pheona looks a lot like momma. She has silky, dense fleece, with high luster.  We love the way she carries herself erect to show off her correct conformation.  Getting better and better as she grows.  Incredibly heavy bone - legs like tree trunks.
 Buy her open and take her home to breed to your favorite male - or, we can breed her for you to any of our unrelated males.

SRLL Brownberri                                                   For Sale
Date of Birth:  October 18, 2011
Sire:  SRLL Mephisto                                                      Placed in the top 10 at the 2012 Gathering
Dam:  Nottsberri
Healthy, strong, suri female with mom producing lots of milk.  Dark Gray/brown with white star on the face. Lots of presence and character.  Coming along nicely.