2015 Crias
We hope to have 11 crias this year. We have never had that many crias in one year, before.  And, we are introducing some new sires into our breeding program.  Should be an exciting!!
 SRLL Marius                                                                                                 

Date of Birth:  May 10, 2015                                            
Sire: SRLL Nolo Contendre                                                               
Dam: SRLL Monique
This guy was worth waiting for.  Love his silver fiber, size, bone.  Yeah!  Monique did a wonderful job with this really flashy cria.  He and his buddy Tyg are every where in the pasture - and, Marius is always chewing on something.

 SRLL Tyg                                                                                            

Date of Birth:  May 6, 2015                                       
Sire: Starr Alliance
Dam:   Tierza
Smaller cria but a real dynamite. A cookie cutter version of his older brothers.  Already one of the pack.  .


Date of Birth:  June 2, 2015                                      
Sire: Cainan
Dam:  HCLA Bolivian Karma

 SRLL Montebank                                                                                           

Date of Birth:  June 3, 2015                                   
Sire: Lla-Mirage Deuces Wild
Dam:  SRLL Maya

AAL Neva X SRLL Mandragoran      Due May 8
SRLL Calantha X Duece's Wild        Due May 29
Esoria X Elwood Blues                       Due Aug. 23
SRLL Fa`iz X Starr Alliance               Due Aug. 28
SRLL Nyura X Elwood Blues             Due Oct. 17